How to configure On-Demand or Custom Objects in Q-assign

Q-assign supports on-demand Standard Objects such as 'Work Orders' and also Custom object records to be assigned just like the other supported object (e.g., Case and Leads). On-Demand/Custom Object records could be assigned from a Queue or a User via an Assignment Group to the Members or the Queues. 

Steps to configure On-Demand or Custom Objects for Q-assign

  1. Go to Setup |Create| Objects | <Custom Object> (For on-demand Objects such as 'Work Orders' please go to Setup | Work Orders | Fields and turn on Work Orders)
  2. Following fields are mandatory and need to be created on the On-Demand/Custom Object which you want to use with Q-assign:
Field Names are populated automatically from the Field Labels. Please make sure that the Field Names are exactly the same as provided in the following table.

Field Label

Field Name

Date Type

Assigned From Group



Assigned From Queue



Q-assign Last Assigned Date



Reviewed Days


Formula (Number)*


*Further details for the last 4th field (Reviewed Days):

Formula Return Type: Number Decimal Places: 10 Formula: LastModifiedDate - Q_assign_Last_Assigned_Date__c


  1. Go to Setup | Manage Users| Queue to create a queue (optional) if queue will contain the records to be assigned 
  2. After completing the above steps your object will be available for selection in the Object drop-down list of the Assignment Groups (in 'Assignment Groups Details' section)



Please contact us at for any questions.

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