How to add new members or create queues for assignment groups


Q-assign allows users as well as queues to get assigned records from Assignment Group source. Records are assigned to users or queues added in Group Members section. Scheduler assigns records automatically while assignments can be pulled manually by the members/users. It should be noted that the source from which object records are assigned to users cannot be added as a member.


There are options, automatic and manual, available to add users to an AG. The user addition can be automated using the Member Selection Rules that run the configured rules according to the configurable frequency. There is also a manual option available in Member Selection Rules where you can list all the users that meet the rules and add all of them, or selected ones. 


Following sections help to add either users/queues to AGs automatically or manually.


Member Selection Rules

Adding Users to an AG can take time and both effort and time increase if you need to add a lots of user. To automate adding user, a Member Selection Rules feature is  introduced that allows "Member Selection Criteria" to be defined per AG which would define which Users should be members of this AG. Along with this there will be the ability to define when and how often (configurable frequency) the "Member Selection Criteria" are evaluated and missing users added. When a new user is added, there are configuration options to define what the initial status/of that user would be, e.g. whether they would be Enabled in the AG or not. 

  • Create New Member Selection Rule - it allows creating a rule based on which User will be added to AG
  • Add Users via Member Selection Rules - this button runs the Selection Rules and presents all the Users meeting the rules. All or selected Users can then be added to AG.
  • Add Users via Member Selection Rule - it lists all the users that meet the Selection Rules and they can then be added manually 
  • Edit (Member Selection Rules Filter Logic) - this button allows enabling or disabling the auto-add users feature. Once you enable it, other option like frequency and user status can be set.

Following rule will search for all active Q-assign licensed and add them to AG


Add Member(s) to Assignment Group 

  1. Go to QA Assignment Groups, select Assignment Group
  2. Go to New Assignment Group Members section
  3. Click Add Users to add users
  4. A new pop-up window lists the available users (make sure you allowed browser to open pop-ups)
  5. Select the users you want to add
  6. Click Add Selected User
  7. Users are added in Group Members section


Add Queue(s) to Assignment Group 

Add queue/s to Assignment Group as follow:

  1. Go to QA Assignment Groups, select Assignment Group
  2. Go to Add New Assignment Group Members section
  3. Select queue/s from drop down list
  4. Click Add Queue
  5. Repeat step 3 & 4 if you want to add more queues


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