Q-assign Supported Objects in Salesforce


Q-assign supports All standard Salesforce objects and other custom objects. The following objects are available for automatic assignment from either a source Queue or a User to the most suitable User (or Queue):

  1. Account
  2. Case
  3. Contact
  4. Lead
  5. Opportunity
  6. Order
  7. Task
  8. Event
  9. Account Team Member
  10. Work Order
  11. Social Post
  12. Any Other Standard Object (see the details here: How to configure any Standard Other Object for Q-assign?)
  13. Custom Object (see the details here: How to configure a Custom Object for Q-assign?)

Most objects support Queue as the source from which records are assigned, however some objects such as Opportunity, Account, Contact, Task, and Event must have User as the source. 


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