How to Use the Working Hours Schedule on Q-assign


Working Hours Schedule allows to schedule turn off Assignment Group at certain times. Assignment Group will only be processed during working hours, which can be defined by the user according to the requirements. It is to be noted that each Assignment Group can have different Working Hours Schedule assigned. This feature allows user to create working hours for each day of the week and also set the holidays. Working Hours Schedule uses Organization Business Hours feature of Salesforce.


This feature is particularly useful for the Organizations whose Customer Service Centers are in different time zones and they like to service customers during the time zones of their support teams.


Configure Working Hours Schedule

Set up and configure Working Hours Schedule as follow:


  1. Go to QA Assignment Groups, select Assignment Group and click Edit
  2. Go to QA Assignment Group Details | Working Hours Schedule


Parameters related to Working Hours Schedule are described below:


  • Create New Working Hours Schedule - to create a working hours schedule on a newly opened tab
  • Business Hours Name - name of the business hour you want to create. 
  • Use these business hours as default - allows to set current business hour to be default
  • Active - to make this business hour ready to associate with AG
  • Time Zone - time zone of you or the team in 24 hours’ format
  • Business Hours - business hours can be against each day Monday to Sunday
  • 24 Hours - helps to set 24 hours as business hours 
  • 00:00 to 00:00 - if your organization doesn't work on that day
  • Save - to save the settings


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