Understanding how Unreviewed Assignments Work


QA Unreviewed Assignments, list the records which have been assigned and have not been yet reviewed or updated by the Members (users). These records can be filtered, selected and re-assigned to the source from which they have been assigned - e.g., source queue or a user. This is useful in cases when the object records although assigned to member have not been worked on to re-assign them back so that the required action can be taken.  


These Unreviewed records can be filtered based on Object, Source, Assignment Group and Members. Managers can also select records based on time i.e. how long they have been assigned and yet not reviewed. Once assigned back to Source, they can be re-assigned as Scheduler is continuously running in the background. It should be noted the records are re-assigned to the same source from which they were assigned.


List Unreviewed Assignments

  1. Go to QA Unreviewed Assignments | List Selection
  • Object - it allows you to select object such as Lead or Case etc.
  • Source Queue or User - source queue or user from which the records are being assigned to members. Individual as well as all sources can be selected and their data can be viewed
  • Assignment Group - shows all the AGs created based on the Object. If Case is selected as object then Assignment Group will show all the AG whose object is Case. There is also an option to select all AGs.
  • Group Members - lists down all the users who are member of the particular AG selected in Assignment Group. If All Assignment Groups is selected then it shows all the unique users who are members across all AGs.
  • [Object] Fields - it allows to add selected object fields to the view and only five fields can be added
  • Show Only Active Records - it allows to list only Active Records (satisfying the Active Records Criteria) which have not yet been reviewed
  • Select time duration of assigned records in minutes, hours or days
  • Go - lists down all records based on configuration


Re-assign Back to Source

As you click Go, Unreviewed assignments will be listed. Re-assign them back to Source as follow:


  1. Select single or multiple records you want to re-assign back to source queue or user.
  2. Click Re-assign Back to Source.


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