Q-assign for Salesforce:

Using the Q-assign User Status Tool


QA User Status allows setting the Availability of a User, where Available/Unavailable status of a User can be set for whole Q-assign or per Assignment Group. User can control the per Assignment Group availability for the record assignments. Assignment Group membership of a User is shown along with the Status (red/green) and can be controlled via Enable/Disable option. User also has the ability to Pull records manually which is detailed in section Pull Records (Manual Assignments).


In Select User section, Users with the Q-assign 'Administrator' or 'Manager' permission set can search about other Users and find their Membership Status.

Please see the screenshot below:



Users can be Enabled/Disabled for Assignment Groups in this section. Once the Users are disabled for an AG, they are no longer able to get records from that AG.

QA User Status, shows the following information for a User:


  1. Available for Q-assign - allows the User to receive records
  2. Logged in - shows if the User is logged into Salesforce


Pull Records (Manual Assignments)

Records can be manually pulled by the Users using the Pull option. Make sure Show Pull Button to Members is checked in QA Assignment Group Details section of Assignment Groups. This option enables AG members to get the records by themselves. Please note that the Members can 'Pull' only those records which satisfy the Assignment Group's selection criteria and also the User has the capacity (quotas) to get records.


Users can get the records manually (i.e., Pull) as follows:

  1. Go to QA User Status tab
  2. Click Pull Case (depends on AG's object) link
  3. To see the newly assigned record, click on the Click Here link

  1. Member will get an error message if there are no records to be assigned or if any quota has reached for the User pulling records


User Shift and OOO Settings

In User Shift and OOO Settings section, Users (having the Q-assign Administrator, Manager or User permission set) can set their Shift and Out Of Office hours.

For more details and help on this section please see the page User Shift and OOO Settings.



Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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