QA Teams & How to manage team members 


The QA Teams feature provides managers/admins with a centralized interface for efficiently managing their teams. This page consists of two key components:

  1. QA Team Details: This section contains essential fields such as Team ID, Team Name, Description, and Number of Members, providing an overview of the team's information.
  2. QA Team Members: This section allows managers to add team members to the team, fostering collaboration and effective teamwork.

The QA Teams list looks like this:


The list of QA Teams provides a clear view of all the teams. The following information is displayed:

- Description: Provides a brief description of each QA Team.
- Owner: Identifies the person who created the team.
- Number of Members: Shows the total count of team members.

QA Team members

Managers (or the person creating the team) can easily add team members by clicking the "New" button. 


This opens a window where team members can be added by entering their names in the User section, one by one, and clicking "Save & New."


How to manage Member Attributes from QA Teams tab?

Member Attributes can refer to QA User Attributes or QA Member Lookup Rules. The following 'Member Attributes' button is available on the QA Team interface which will open a modal to select, view and edit member attributes for the members of a respective team. To manage member attributes, follow these steps:

1. Click the "Member Attributes" button on the QA Team interface.



2. A modal window will appear, allowing you to select, view, and edit member attributes for the team members.  In the modal window, click "Select Attributes" to choose the desired Q-assign User Attributes and Q-assign Member Lookup Rules fields to view/update.



3. Move the selected fields to the "Selected" section and press "OK" to save the changes.


Once the desired fields are moved to Selected section, please press OK.


4. We can now see the Member Attributes (fields) we selected earlier and can update them from here as well as shown below:

Note: Date or DateTime fields cannot be updated from over here yet.


How to manage Member Attributes from QA Users tab?

To manage member attributes from the QA Users tab, follow these steps:

1. Go to the QA Users tab and click on the dropdown menu next to the user's name for whom you want to manage attributes.

2. Select Manage Attributes from the dropdown menu.


3. On the next screen, follow the same steps mentioned in the previous section to select the attributes you want to view or update.

How to manage team members?

On QA Team detail page there is a drop down where we have the option 'Manage Team Members' as shown below:

When we click on the 'Manage Team Members' button, it re-directs us to the QA Users tab with the QA Team filter pre-loaded (for example, in our case, Team XYZ is already added to the users filter list).


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