Assigning Q-assign Licenses & Permission Sets to Users

Assign Q-assign License to Users

Once the application has been installed you have to assign Q-assign license to the users who will use the application.


  1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Deploy | Installed Packages
  2. Then find Ortoo Q-assign and click on “Manage Licenses" (If you don't see 'Manage Licenses', you probably don't have permission. Please contact your System Administrator)
  3. It will open a list of users that are already assigned the Q-assign license in your Org. If you want to add some new user not listing here, then proceed further
  4. Click on Add Users
  5. It will show you a list of all the Users in your org that do not have Q-assign license assigned to them
  6. Select/Check the User you want to assign Q-assign license
  7. Click Add at the end
  8. The new user will be added to Q-assign licensed users
Once you are done with assigning the Licenses, you need to assign your Users appropriate permissions to access Q-assign tabs. Please see the following steps to understand how to assign Q-assign Permissions Sets and details of the level of access in each Permission Set.

Assign Q-assign Permission Sets to Users

Q-assign provides permission sets so that appropriate levels of access to Q-assign features can easily be provided to users.


To assign these permissions to users:

  1. Go to Setup | Administration Setup | Manage users |Users
  2. Select the user you want to set the permission for
  3. On the User detail page there is a section Permission set Assignment. Click on Edit Assignments as shown in the figure below:


There are three types of permission sets in Q-assign, as follows:

Q-assign User

Q-assign User can change the status of availability of his/her own User.

This user has access to the following tabs:

  1. QA User Status - can change the Availability status and can pull records via the 'Pull' button 
  2. QA About - can see the About tab

Note: Q-assign User cannot perform 'Enable/Disable' action for their availability in any assignment group in the availability widget.

Q-assign Manager

Q-assign Manager has following rights/privileges in addition to all the rights of Q-assign User:

  1. QA Assignment Groups
  • Can view Assignment Group settings but can't edit
  • Can add Users and Queues or Deleted/Disabled in the Assignment Group - Group Members section
  • Can't edit/delete/create new or Clone an Assignment Group
  • Can't edit the 'Member Matching Rules' and 'Action Rules'
  • Can edit the ‘Member Level Settings’ under the 'Group Members' section
  1. QA Control Panel
  • Can't start/stop 'Global Scheduler Master Switch' and 'Scheduler'
  • Can't set the 'Schedule Frequency (Minutes)'
  • Can't edit the 'General Notifications Email Address' and ' Email Address'
  • Can't check/uncheck the 'Notify Ortoo Support of errors' checkbox
  • Can't reset the 'Watcher' or 'Manager' 
  • Can't enabled/disabled the 'Safe Mode'
  1. QA Unreviewed Assignments - can list and re-assign the records
  2. QA Analytics - can see all data views

  3. QA User Status 

  • Can see the Assignment Group Membership Status of other Users
  • Can disable/enable Assignment Groups for other Users
  • Can uncheck/check 'Available for Q-assign' for other Users
  • Can see the 'Logged-In' status of other Users

Q-assign Administrator

This user has full access to all the aspects of Q-assign.


Please feel free to contact us at for any questions.

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