Understanding Q-assign updates in Customers' org for new changes


Our app Q-assign is continually being worked on, to make improvements, add new features, fix bugs, etc. However, none of the changes made to the Q-assign are added automatically to any of the customers' Sandbox/Production Environment. At the end of each release cycle, we update the version of Q-assign on the AppExchange and send an update to our customers (that a newer version of Q-assign is available), who has opted for newsletters.


Q-assign is only updated manually to the latest version (be it a patch or major version upgrade) in customers' org after their consent. The process for such upgrades is that the Support team first updates the customer of the changes and asks for their permission and preferred time to make the change. The change is then done either by Team Ortoo or customers themselves (however agreed). 


Ortoo team does not automatically update anything in a customer's org. All the changes made to Q-assign in any customer's org are subjected to approval from customers first.


Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions

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