How to add a Q-assign User Availability Component in Salesforce Console

User Availability Component

Q-Assign allows y to add User Availability sidebar component in Salesforce Console interface where Users can easily set their overall and per Assignment Group availability. Users can set themselves as 'Logout/Login', 'Available' and 'Unavailable'. Logout button logs the user out of Q-Assign until they log back into Salesforce again (create a new Salesforce session) or press login button (appears if they are logged out).

This availability component also shows the Assignment Groups in which the current user is added as a member. Users can also 'Disable/Enable' themselves in individual Assignment Groups, where they are added as members. The Green dot green colored dot shows that the current member is available for the assignment while the Red dot red colored dot indicates otherwise.


Add User Availability Component in Salesforce Console

Following are the steps to add User Availability component:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. In the Quick Settings box type 'App Manager' and click on it
  3. In the App Manager, press detail (upside-down triangle) button of Console App and click on Edit

    Please see the screenshot for further assistance
  4. Click on the Utility Items in 'App Settings' side menu
  5. Click Add on the Utility bar page, this will open a dropdown list with all the lightning components. Please select the UserAvailabilityComponent

    Please see the screenshot below for further assistance

    Note: You need to deploy your Domain to all the Users. After deploying the domain to all users you will be able to see the Custom – Managed Components
    Go to Setup, enter 'My Domain' in Quick Find box, then select 'My Domain' and then click ‘Deploy to Users’
  6. Adjust the Properties of the component

    Please see the screenshot below for further assistance
  7. Click on Save
  8. Go to that Console App

Following screenshot shows Q-Assign 'User Availability' component added in Console App


Please contact for any questions.

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