How to Clone Q-assign Assignment Groups

Clone Assignment Group

Clone feature allows the replication of Assignment Group configuration which can be modified later according to user requirement. It is particularly useful in cases when there are multiple Queue Selection & Active Records Criteria and several groups need to be configured. Multiple groups having same configuration can be created in no time with the help of Clone feature.


Clone helps to copy all the configuration of an assignment group from queue selection criteria to member matching rules to group members. It allows to create an assignment group having exactly the same details & configuration of the original group. There is no need to manually set up configurations or to add members. The newly created group can be readily edited to suit the configuration requirements.


Please note that the cloned group will be inactive by default and its status can be changed later to active. Cloned group is made inactive to avoid any unnecessary assignment when the new Group is created.


Steps to clone Assignment Group

Create Clone of an Assignment Group as follow:

  1. Go to QA Assignment Groups, select Assignment Group which needs to be cloned
  2. Go to Assignment Group Detail | Clone
  3. Set name of the cloned group & click Save in pop up window.


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