How to change the context user of the scheduler

What is Context User?

The context user is the user that enables the Q-Assign scheduler to run. All Q-Assign activities are scheduled/operated in the context of this user.  We recommend that the context user should only be a System Administrator or is an Integration user. If any lower profile is set as context user, Q-assign may not be able to perform its activities as expected. 


The steps to set or change the context user of the scheduler are mentioned below:


1. Login with the User who will be the context user 

2. Go to the QA Control Panel tab. Click the Switch off button for Global Scheduler Master Switch. In the case of the first time starting the scheduler, the Global Switch will already be Off. In that case, please proceed to Step 3. Please see the screenshot below:

3. Then click Switch On button:


4. Under Q-assign Users section, you will notice the Context user is updated to the current user.


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