How to resolve access related issues happening because of improved Q-assign security?

Possible Issues and their Resolution

From Q-assign v4.758.0 onwards, changes have been made to the security framework of Q-assign.

There may be instances where a User is unable to access a certain object or its records because the User does not have the permissions to do so. In this event, the User should contact their Salesforce Administrator as these permissions are not set by Q-assign.


Some examples of the type of errors a User may encounter have been shown below:


Upon pressing the 'Pull Case' in QA User Status tab.


Another scenario where upon pressing the 'Pull' button in QA User Status tab we see this error.


Viewing the 'QA Unreviewed Assignments' tab when user has no access to Case object.


Please remember that the above are not errors but have been produced due to the lack of appropriate permissions for the User. The resolution in most cases will be:

  1. Ensure that a Salesforce user trying to access a page or object has permission to access that object or its records.
  2. Such issues can be resolved by making changes to any custom permission set the user under question has been assigned.


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