Why Q-assign appears to have stopped assigning Leads/Cases

Refresh Q-assign Scheduled Jobs

Q-assign uses Salesforce standard scheduler to schedule the jobs and assign supported objects. Sometimes the scheduler is unable to process these jobs properly and they are stuck in the scheduler jobs queue. In this case, you need to refresh the Q-assign scheduled jobs in the scheduler queue by following the below steps:


  1. Go to Setup | Monitor | Jobs | Scheduled Jobs
    • By default, it will list all the scheduled jobs under the scheduler
  2. Now search for the Q-assign jobs in this list
  3. Remove all the jobs under Q-assign using the Delete button
  4. Once all the Jobs have been removed you have to Restart the Scheduler


To Restart the Scheduler follow these Steps:


  1. Go to Q-Assign - Control Panel tab and under the Next Scheduled Assignment section, it will show Assignment is not scheduled.
  2. Press Start Assignment Scheduler button
  3. Press the Refresh button it will show Next Scheduled Assignment: Date/Time


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