How to track the availability history of a user in Q-assign within a report

Tracking the availability history of a User in Q-assign

Salesforce allows you to create and run comprehensive reports which can be used to create the availability history of a User in Q-assign. To create such a report, we need to populate custom object's records using a Process Builder whenever Available for Q-assign (a field on object 'User') is changed by a user. Please find steps to the solution below:

  1. Create a Custom Object and give it an appropriate name, e.g., Availability History
  2. Create appropriate fields to store information regarding a user's availability to then be used in a report. Example fields
    1. Available (checkbox) – to store a User’s status i.e. Available (checked) and Unavailable (unchecked)
    2. User (Text) – to store the full name of the User, changing his/her availability
    3. Status Change Time (Date/Time) – to store the time at which a user changed his/her availability
  3. Create a Process Builder to create and populate custom object’s fields whenever a User changes availability manually
  4. Create a Report on a custom object created at point 1 to show stats for a User, such as a User’s full name, Status Change Time, and Available status


Process Builder: 
Please see the screenshot for assistance with the process builder. 


When choosing the 'User' object, specify the start of the process as "when a record is created or edited".


When defining criteria 'Available for Q-assign check', give a condition or formula as:


For further 'Immediate Actions' of 'Create Availability History' record, please see below: 

  1. Available equals [User].ortoo_qra__Assignment_Group_Is_Active__c
  2. Status Change time equals NOW()
  3. User equals [User].FirstName + '' + [User].LastName


Sample User’s Availability Report:

Please find below the User’s Availability Report based on the above-proposed solution. This report can be filtered out and summarized based on User or Status Change Time etc.



Once you run the report, it will show the tracked history of the user's availability. 


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