How to re-assign Q-assign records back to the source queue

Re-assign the records back to the source queue if they have not been worked on for certain time

It is sometimes required to re-assign the records back to the source queue if they have not been worked on (e.g., Lead/Case Status not being changed for a certain period of time). Q-assign allows such records to put back in the source queue. These records are then re-assigned to the appropriate member through the same group they have been initially assigned. 


In this solution, Q-assign looks at the time elapsed of a record since assignment. If the elapsed time is greater than the configured time, then it assigns the record back to the source queue. Afterwards that record is picked up by Q-assign to be assigned to the members in the next run. For example, if configured time is 2 minutes, then Q-assign looks at the elapsed time of the assigned records by a certain Assignment Group (which can be set) and then re-assign it back to the members.


Following configuration needs to be set up to re-assign the records:


  1. Formula field on the object whose records need to re-assigned. This formula returns the time elapsed since the record assignment.
  • Formula Return Type: Number
  • Decimal Places: 10
  • Formula: NOW() - ortoo_qra__Q_assign_Last_Assigned_Date__c
  1. A new Assignment Group with Source Queue set as --None-- (this group will assign the already assigned record to the source queue based on the criteria)
  2. Following Queue Selection Criteria is needed in the Assignment Group and can be changed based on the conditions for re-assignment
  • Criteria 1: Assigned From Group equals Id of the Assignment Group assigning records to the members (you can get the Assignment Group ID by running query in dev console: SELECT id, name from ortoo_qra__assignment_group__c )
  • Criteria 2: Time since assignment (formula field) Greater than or equals to 0.0013888888 (this will look for records with time since assignment greater/equal to 2 minutes)

Value of 'Time since assignment' can be calculated for X minutes as: X/1440 where X represent the time (in minutes) since assignment of the record. For example, if the records to be re-assigned are not being worked on for more than 5 minutes since the assignment, then the value of 'Time since assignment' will be 5/1440=0.0034722222

  • Criteria 3: There should be another criteria set, which represents that the record is still either 'unread', 'unseen' or 'haven't been worked on yet'. E.g., Lead status equals Open. This will allow Q-assign to only pick up Open status Leads and re-assign back if certain time has passed since their assignment
  1. Add Source Queue of the Assignment Group, which is assigning the records to the members, as a Member to this newly created group

Please note that for each source queue, a new re-assignment group needs to be configured as explained in the steps above.


Please contact for any questions.