How to use Records Commit Setting? 



Records Commit Setting in the Assignment Group (AG) allows the Admin to control at which stage the changes made to records by an AG are committed (made permanent) in the Database. It's very useful in situations where we  need the per record DML updates, so that other processes that rely on those changes (e.g. follow-me rules in the same AG in the same job, external triggers, flow, etc.) can all see the updated values from the database rather than the values before processing.


This setting directly impacts how many DML statements are used by an AG per job. The total number of DML statements allowed per job for Q-assign is 150. 




In AG edit mode, you can select one of these options:


  • Per Processed Record - Each modified record will be committed right after it's processed and before processing of the next record starts using one commit (DML statement) per record. If AG processes 10 records, then it will use 10/150 DML statements for changing ownership. 


  • Per Assignment Group - All records modified by the AG will be committed after processing them all using only 1 commit (DML Statement) for all records modified by the AG. If AG processed 10 or any other number of records regardless, it will use a 1/150 DML statement.


  • Automatic - This is the default setting and based on any Action rules or Follow Me rules configured in AG, Q-assign will decide whether to use ‘Per Processed Record’ or ‘Per Assignment Group’.  If there is any Action rule or Follow me rule defined in AG, then the 'Per Processed Record' setting will be used, otherwise 'Per Assignment Group' setting will be preferred. 



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