How to configure the OOO / non-working times per Member in the Assignment Group

Configure the OOO / non-working times per Member

This will allow the Users to not receive any assignments as per their 'OOO / non-working times' defined in the Member Settings section (of Assignment Group). If checked, then the Member's shift hours will not be considered while assigning the records to that Member. Please see the following steps to configure 'OOO / non-working times' per Member in any Assignment Group.


  1. Go to the QA Assignment Groups tab and open that Assignment Group (in which you want to configure the OOO / non-working times for Members)
  2. Click Edit and then check Assign to users in their Working/Shift Hours only 
  3. Scroll down to Group Members section
  4. Click Edit under Action column for a Member
  5. Select OOO / non-working times as User’s Default OOO Entries
  6. Press Save

Please see the screenshot below for further assistance: 

Please contact for any questions.
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