How to add lookup fields to an assignment group object from any standard object for reporting

Add a Lookup field to Assignment Group object for Reporting

To display the name of AG in a report, a user can create a lookup field to AG object from any standard (e.g., Lead) or custom object. Q-assign will be able to detect this lookup/relation and automatically populate it when the record from that object is assigned. In this field, Q-assign will store the ID of the last AG it was assigned from. By default, this field will have NULL before Q-assign has assigned that record. This field will link Lead (or any other work item object) to the correct AG and display AG's name in the reports, filter on AG's name or group by it.

The steps for adding the lookup field are mentioned below:

1. Go to the Object Manager | Lead

2. Select Fields & Relationships and click on New


3. Choose the field type 'Lookup Relationship' and click Next


4. Choose the related object 'QA Assignment Group' and click Next

5. Enter the Field Label and Field Name and click Next

Field Label: Qassign Last Assigned From Group
Field Name: Qassign_Last_Assigned_From_Group__c


6. Click Next
7. Select Page layout Name i-e. Lead Layout
8. Press Save


The name of the Assignment group will display in reports like this.



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