How to add a Dynamic Actions Setup Assistant?

Hey there! Welcome to this guide on adding 'Dynamic Actions Setup Assistant'.

Note: This feature is available in Q-assign versions with Dynamic Actions plugin installed.

Who has access to this tool?

Only users with Q-assign Administrator permission sets should have access to the setup tool. The users with Q-assign Manager and Q-assign user permission sets should only be able to see a hidden treasure box.

How to add Dynamic Actions Setup Assistant on UI?

In order to add the Dynamic Actions Setup Assistant, please follow the mentioned steps.


  • Go to the page where you want to add the Dynamic Actions Setup Assistant widget. In our case, we add them on our Home page.
  • Click on the gear icon and click Edit Page

  • From the Lightning App Builder - Custom- Managed components, we can drag the following highlighted component to any place of our choice on the page:

  • Once we have got the widgets in the right place on the screen, then we can Save the page.

We can now enable any type of dynamic action from this widget and a custom metadata record will be created from here. 


Please contact us at for any questions.