Why a user is showing as Inactive or Out-of-Office in Salesforce Assignment Groups

User Status

Users/members that are members of an Assignment Group will only be assigned Leads or Cases (or other records) if they are shown as Active, with a green dot in the Status column, as shown in the screenshot below. A red dot indicates that the user/member is inactive, and will not be assigned any records.


For a user to show Status as active for an Assignment Group, and therefore be able to be assigned cases, the following need to be met:


  1. License – a Q-Assign license must be assigned to each user for them to become active. Licenses are automatically assigned in sandboxes, but in production organization they will need to be assigned to users

  2. Enabled – Set as Enabled for the Assignment Group – this is done by the Enable button in the screenshot above. This setting allows managers and (optionally) users to turn their status on and off per Assignment Group

  3. Available – Users set their status to “Available for Q-Assign” by ticking the checkbox from their “QA User Status” tab. Alternatively you can set this field for users from the User setup area of Salesforce. If you don’t want to use this feature, then just set it as available for all users as a one-off configuration, and don’t give users access to this field. This setting allows users to turn on and off their general availability for all Assignment Groups, e.g. if they are going to be in a meeting or out at lunch or on holiday.

  4. Logged In – A user must be logged in to be active if this feature is turned on for the Assignment Group. If the feature is not turned on, then it will show as n/a, as in the screenshot above

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