How to use the Q-assign omni-channel feature: ‘assign via omni-channel’

'Assign via Omni-Channel' in Assignment Group: 

Omni-Channel is a tool that sits inside of either the Sales or Service Console that, once enabled and configured, automatically pushes work/records to agents in real-time.  Omni-Channel currently supports leads, cases, SOS video calls, social posts, orders, and custom objects with the goal to be getting the right work to the right person who has the capacity to help while Q-assign also supports the same objects except for SOS video calls. 


If you would like to do the assignment to Omni-Channel agents based on capacity, workload, in their Business Hours, etc (Please see the comparison of Omni-Channel and Q-assign: here


Q-assign is compatible with Omni Channel and is much more powerful! To use the omnichannel feature of Q-assign, you need to be on version 4.603 or greater. If your version is before 4.603, please contact us at to get the latest version.


Please see below the steps to configure Omni-Channel in an Assignment Group:

  1. Go to Assignment Group tab and open any existing Assignment Group of your need or create a new one
  2. Press Edit
  3. In option Assignment Action, select ‘Assign via Omni-Channel - Push to 1 user at a time’. (Note: Please make sure Omni-Channel is enabled in your Org. (Go to Setup | Omni-Channel Settings | Enable Omni-Channel )). Please see the screenshot below: 
  4. Save the Assignment Group

An agent can accept or decline the work item in Omni-Channel, and Q-assign stores the stats on how many work items have been assigned to an agent and their capacity. To do so, please include code in the Agent Work Trigger. 

Adding Trigger: 

  1. Go to Setup | Omni-Channel | Agent Work | Agent Work Trigger
  2. Press New
  3. Paste the following code in Agent Work Trigger and press Save
trigger AgentWorkTrigger on AgentWork (after update) {
   ortoo_qra.QassignAPI_TriggerHandler triggerHandler = new ortoo_qra.QassignAPI_TriggerHandler();


Please see the screenshot below: 


Go to Omni-Channel Console (Go to App Launcher | Omni-Channel Console) and make yourself/other users who will be agents Available in Omni-Channel. Once it is all done, the assignment will be made to the available agent according to the configuration done in the Assignment Group.


Please contact us at for any questions.

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