Q-assign Migration Tool

Hey there! Welcome to this guide on using the Q-assign Migration Tool. .

The Q-assign Assignment Group migration tool is a powerful feature in Q-assign that can make exporting and importing data a hassle-free task and that, too, without the intervention of any other third party tools. It allows us to successfully migrate a bulk of assignment groups from one org to another.

Note: This feature is available in Q-assign version 4.792 and onwards.

Who has access to this tool?

Only users with Q-assign Administrator permission sets should have access to the Q-assign Migration tool. The users with Q-assign Manager and Q-assign user permission sets should only be able to see the following:


How to set up Q-assign Internal Migration Tool on UI?

In order to set up the Q-assign migration tool, please follow the mentioned steps.


  • Go to the page where you want to add the export and import widgets. In our case, we add them on our Home page.
  • Click on the gear icon and click Edit Page

  • From the Lightning App Builder - Custom- Managed components, we can drag the following two highlighted components to any place of our choice on the page:

  • When we drag the Q-assign Export Assignment Group widget, we will see a checkbox 'ShowIncludeMembers' on the right side of the screen, as shown below:

  • If we want the ability to be able to export assignment group members along with the assignment groups, then we should mark the checkbox as checked otherwise we can leave it unchecked.
  • Once we have got both the widgets in the right place on the screen, then we can Save the page.


How to Export Assignment groups?

If we want to include assignment group members in our export, we will need to click on the 'Include Members' checkbox. However, as exporting assignment group members can greatly increase the complexity of the export, it should be avoided (if possible).


Output Export Data to a File

  1. Mark the checkbox 'Output Export Data to File' as checked.
  2. Click on Assignment Group - None Selected and the following dialogue box will pop-up:
  3. Please move the Assignment group(s) from Available to Selected and click OK

  4. Click on Start Export button.
  5. We will see a success message as shown below:
  6. We can now search 'Files' in the Quick Find section of AppLauncher and click on Files. 
  7. We should now be able to see the list of files. For each export, one log file and one OrtooQassignExport script file is generated. We can use the OrtooQassignExport script file for importing these assignment groups in the same org or to any other org with Q-assign migration tool.


Output Export Data without a File

  1. Make sure that the 'Output Export Data to File' checkbox is unchecked.
  2. Repeat the steps 2-4 mentioned above.
  3. We can now see the export script right below the Export Assignment Group widget, as shown below:
  4. The above JSON script can be used to import the assignment groups - as will be explained in the next section.

How to Import Assignment groups?

An assignment group name must be unique. In order to successfully import assignment groups without duplicate names, we can enter a suffix in the 'Suffix to Assignment Group Name' text field. This field can also be left blank if we are importing the assignment groups into a fresh org (where we are sure previously assignment groups with the same name are not present). A suffix entered in the field will be added to the end of the Assignment group name.


Import Data from a File

  1. Please make sure that we have got the right file we want to import uploaded to the Files section.
  2. Please return to the Q-assign Import Assignment Groups widget and click on the checkbox Import Data from File
  3. Enter the filename and extension in the 'File to be imported'
  4. A success message will appear as shown below:
  5. The imported assignment groups will now be available in the QA Assignment Groups tab. (In our example, we imported assignment group BasicCasePullRecords with the suffix test added at the end).
  6. The import log file can be accessed in the Files section to track down the success or failure of an import operation.

Import Data without a File

  1. When we uncheck 'Import Data from File' checkbox, we see the following long text area field, where we have to add the exported JSON format data (this can be extracted from here as explained in the above export without file section).
  2. Paste the data and then click Start import.
  3. A success message will appear and if the data is correct, the assignment groups will be imported successfully.
  4. If, for some reason, the data you pasted is inaccurate, you will still be able to track down what went wrong in the Informative Message section:


Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.