How to set Job Consecutive Success Threshold for automatically disabling Safe Mode using Custom Metadata Type?

Setting Job Consecutive Success Threshold for automatically disabling Safe Mode using Custom Metadata Type:

To set the Q-assign Job Consecutive Success Threshold, go to Setup | Search | Custom Metadata Types. 

  • Click New and enter the values as given below:

Label: Q-assign Customer Settings

Plural Label: Q-assign Customer Settings

Object Name: Qassign_Customer_Settings

Object Name will be automatically generated with __mdt at the end i.e. Qassign_Customer_Settings__mdt 

Click Save.



  • Create a New custom field on the Q-assign Customer Settings (Custom Metadata Type) as given below and click Save

Data Type: Number

Length: 18

Field Name: Value

Click Save


  • After creating the above custom field, click Manage Q-assign Customer Settings button:


  • Create a New record and fill the fields given below:

Label: Job Consecutive Success Threshold

Qassign Customer Settings Name: Job_Consecutive_Success_Threshold

Value: Any integer as per your requirement (E.g., setting it to 4 will disable the Safe Mode when 4 consecutive successful jobs run)

Click Save.




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