How to revoke permissions from 'All Users' back to 'Admin Only' Installation

Q-assign installation for “All Users”  adds Q-assign access to all the user's profiles so we must install Q-assign for 'Admin Only' so that the Admins can easily manage users.  

if we accidentally install Q-assign for 'All Users' instead of 'Admin Only' we need to manually revoke the permissions. In order to revoke Q-assign permissions from non-admin profiles manually please follow the below-mentioned steps:


1. Go to Setup | Users | Profiles

2. Select the Profile from which you want to revoke permissions.

3. Go to Object Settings as shown below:



4.  Find the Q-assign objects like below:



5. Open QA About, click Edit and change Tab Settings from Default On to Tab Hidden and click Save. The Tab Settings for all Q-assign objects should be set at 'Tab Hidden' for 'Admin only' installation.



6. Open QA Actions in a new tab, click on Edit and uncheck all the object permissions to Read, Create, Edit or Delete.



7. Uncheck all the Field-level permissions that are editable as shown below:



8. Click Save.

9. Repeat Steps 5 to 8 for the rest of the Q-assign objects. This needs to be done for all Q-assign Objects

10. Go back to the user's profile and open Visualforce Page Access and click Edit


11. Remove all the 33 Q-assign enabled Enabled Visualforce Pages and click Save.



12. Go back to the user's profile and open Apex Class Access and click Edit.

13. Remove the following from Enabled Apex Classes and move them to Available Apex Classes as shown below: ortoo_qra.AnalyticsController, ortoo_qra.AssignmentController, ortoo_qra.AssignmentScheduler, ortoo_qra.QassignAPI_Assignment, ortoo_qra.QassignAPI_TriggerHandler, ortoo_qra.RuleAssignment, ortoo_qra.WatcherJob



14. Go back to the user's profile open Assigned Apps, click Edit, and uncheck the following:



15. Click Save.


You have successfully revoked all the settings back from 'All User' to 'Admin Only' installation. In order to assign Q-assign permission sets to users please visit the following help page: 


Please feel free to contact us at for any questions.