How to create a report to view First Response Time


In order to track the idle time and response time of assignment group members, a workflow rule and a report are created. Please find the details below on how to create a report for Assignment Group members Response Time

Create Fields

  1. Go to Setup | Object Manager | Cases
  2. Go to Fields and Relationships and click on New.
  3. For first field select Date/Time as field data type. Name the field label as "First Activity/Response Date/Time".
  4. Click on Save and New
  5. For the next field select Number as Data Type with length set as 18 and decimal places as 0. Name the field as "First Activity/Response Time (Mins)"
  6. The 2 required fields are mention below, labels can be different (in that case please let us know) and object can be as required too
    1. Required Field Label

      Data Type

      Required on Objects

      First Activity/Response Date/Time


      Opportunity, Lead, Case

      First Activity/Response Time (Mins)

      Number, 18

      Opportunity, Lead, Case

Workflow Rule

  1. Go to Setup | Workflow Rule | New Rule
  2. Select the object for which you are creating the workflow rule, in this example, we are selecting the Case object.
  3. Set Rule Name as 'Save 'Response/First Activity Time' Workflow Rule'.
  4. Set Evaluation Criteria to created, and every time it's edited as shown below

  5. Set the Rule criteria as shown below:

  6. Click Save.
  7. Define two Workflow rule actions as shown below:

    The first rule will add value to the field 'First Activity/Response Time (Mins)' with the formula as mentioned below.

    Formula value: (TIMEVALUE( NOW()) - TIMEVALUE(ortoo_qra__Q_assign_Last_Assigned_Date__c)) / 60000

    The second workflow rule action will populate the field 'First Activity/ Response Date/Time' with the formula mentioned below.
    Formula value: NOW()

8. Once finished, the workflow rule will look similar to the one shown below:


  1. Select Reports | New Report | Cases as the report type.
  2. Select the following fields in the columns section:

  3. Set the filter as shown below:

  4. A similar report should be created for Leads, Opportunity, or any other object if required.

    Please contact us at for any questions.
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