How to enable and view History Tracking on Enable/Disable field


Salesforce provides History Tracking for fields on which tracking is turned ON. Likewise, Q-assign's Enable/Disable field is compatible with "History Tracking". Enable/Disable field can be used to enable or disable assignments from any Assignment Group (AG) for any user. This field can be found in either the 'QA User Status' tab under the Action column OR in any AG's 'Group Member' section against each group member's name (as a link or in the drop-down menu). To enable and view History tracking for this field, please follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. For tracking the history of Enable/Disable setting (‘Active’ field name, ‘ortoo_qra__Is_Active__c’ field API name), enable ‘Track Field History’ option for object ‘QA Assignment Group Member’ and set history tracking for ‘Active’ field (screenshot below).
  2. Reports are not supported for this object, therefore you will need to enable History list for object ‘QA Assignment group member’ from ‘Page layouts’ as below (drag the History list from top option to the ‘Related Lists’ section and save changes):

    Once this is done, you will be able to view which user changed the value (enable/disable) for any group member’s user with date/time.
  3. You can query the id of Group member (not User id) and open details page from Developer Console or you can create a custom tab for ‘Assignment Group Members’ to easily create lists and search in Salesforce (screenshot below).
  4. Once the tab is created, you can easily search and view the history of each user in each AG like below:
  5. Selecting the required AG for a user will show the history of the Enable/Disable field.


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