How to mark a day as 'Holiday' in Q-assign Business Hours

Set a Holiday

Set a day(s) as holiday as follow:

  1. Go to Setup | Company Profile | Holidays | New
  2. Set Holiday Name, Description & Date
  3. Set the time or check All Day if the whole day is holiday
  4. Check Recurring Holiday, if you want to mark the same day as recurring holiday
  5. Set Frequency based on your holiday i.e. if weekly then set as Weekly
  6. Select the start date in Recurrence Start & end date in Recurrence End & click Save
  7. Now go to Setup | Company Profile | Business Hours & select business hour you want to add holiday to
  8. Go to Holidays | Add/Remove and select holiday you just created
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 if you want to create & add another holiday


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