How to Choose the Link Field for Q-assign User Attributes and Q-assign Member Lookup Rules for QA Teams & QA Users tabs?


How to create an Entity that allows us to change the default linking field of Attribute records to User object?

Note: Terms 'Member Attributes' or 'Attribute Records' refer to the records of QA User Attrbutes and QA Member Lookup Rules objects.

Many a time, when configuring Q-assign with Member Matching Rule (MMR) of type 'Member Lookup', we want the flexibility to switch the value in Link to User Via lookup field from 'User' field to some other non-default User object lookup field. If we have configured Q-assign in our org to use non-default linking field to QA User Attributes and QA Member Lookup Rules then we would want to see Member Attributes on QA Teams and QA Users tab by using the same linking field which was selected in Link to User Via dropdown (show in below screenshot). So, to make QA Teams and QA Users load Member Attributes using the custom linking field, we need to enter a custom Entity record in the org.


Note: In order to do that, the user must have read/edit access to the 'Entity' object. (Currently our admin permission set doesn't contain object level access to entity object, so it should be added manually to the user's permission set). Once you have access to the entity object, please follow the steps below to enable Member Attributes modals present in QA Teams and QA Users tabs to show the member attributes which are linked to the User object using some other non-default linking field.


  • Go to Quick Find - Entities - New
  • Enter 'UserAttributesLinkDefaultConfigEntity' in the Type field

  •  Value of Default Entity with type UserAttributesLinkDefaultConfigEntity must be in the following format:

    {"sobjectName":"ortoo_qra__User_Attributes__c", "fieldName": "Test_Lookup_to_User__c"},  
    {"sobjectName":"ortoo_qra__Member_Lookup_Rules__c", "fieldName": "Test_Lookup_to_User__c"},  
    {"sobjectName":"Lead", "fieldName": "LastModifiedById"}]}

    In the above format, for example, we are telling Member Attributes modals of QA Teams and QA Users tabs to load the attribute records for a certain user which are linked to that certain user record using the Test_Lookup_to_User__c field.


Once the configuration is saved, both QA Teams and QA User screens will also show the relevant fields in the attributes list.


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