Why logged out Users are getting assignments in Q-assign?


Q-assign looks at active Salesforce sessions for Users while assigning records from Assignment Groups where Assign to logged-in Users setting is enabled. This usually works well but sometimes customers report assignments to logged-out Users. This can happen mostly due to misunderstandings about the Salesforce sessions.


Clarifications on Salesforce session: A fresh session is created each time a User logs into Salesforce and it doesn't expire until the User explicitly logs out from it, or the activity time-out is reached - configured in hours. Sometimes, Users just prefer to close the browser tab, which is not equivalent to system logout. In this scenario, the session still continues for them and Q-assign considers them as logged in. In this way, they can get the assignments and thus confusion arises.


Solution: Q-assign provides an intelligent solution to bypass this situation. Users can log out themselves within Q-assign, not Salesforce, with the help of a button. It is conveniently placed in the side bar widget whose visibility can be controlled via setting in Assignment Group. Users can press the button at the end of their shift to close their session as far as Q-ssign is concerned and they will no longer receive any records through it. User status automatically resets (to Green) whenever they log back into Salesforce.



Shared below are the links for installing the widget to Salesforce  lightning and console.


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