How to create a Q-assign User Attributes record automatically when you add a User to an Assignment Group?



This guide will walk you through the steps to automatically create a Q-assign User Attributes record in Salesforce when a User is added to an Assignment Group. It also makes sure no duplicate User Attributes records are created for a User.

Step 1: Accessing Salesforce Flow

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup menu.
  2. Search for "Flows" in the Quick Find box and select "Flows."
  3. Click on "New Flow" to create a new Flow.

Step 2: Creating the Flow

  1. Click on "New Flow" to create a new flow.
  2. Name your flow appropriately (e.g., "Q-assign User Attributes Record Creation").
  3. Choose the type of flow as Record-Triggered Flow
  4. Configure flow start as below


Step 3: Query Existing User Attributes Records

  1. Drag and drop the "Get Records" element onto the Flow canvas.
  2. Configure the element to query for existing User Attributes records as shown below:

Step 4: Check for Duplicate Records

  1. Add a "Decision" element to the Flow.
  2. Configure the Decision element to check if the User already has a User Attributes record in the collection variable "UserAttributesRecords".

Step 5: Creating the Q-assign User Attributes Record

  1. Drag and drop the Salesforce Create Record element to create a new record.
  2. Set the field values based on the Assignment Group and User details captured in previous steps.


Step 5: Activating and Testing the Flow

  1. Save and activate the flow.
  2. Test the flow by adding a User to an Assignment Group and verifying if the Q-assign User Attributes record is created automatically.



We added two Assignment Group members to an assignment group as shown below and got the corresponding User Attributes created.



 You can update the flow to send an email alert whenever a duplicate User Attributes record is detected.


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