How to create a Q-assign User Attributes record automatically when you add a User to an Assignment Group?


Please find the process builder details below that automatically creates Q-assign User Attributes record for Assignment Group Member.

Process Builder

  1. Go to Setup | Process Builder | New
  2. Add Process Name, Description and set the trigger to start the process to when "A record changes" as shown below:

  3. Click Save.
  4. Set the object to 'QA Assignment Group Member' and specify when to start the process as shown below:

  5. Set the criteria to "No criteria—just execute the actions!" as shown below:

  6. Move to Immediate Actions and select the  "Q-assign User Attributes" for the Record Types. Please see the screenshot below:

  7. You can update multiple fields of "Q-assign User Attributes" based on your requirements. In the above example, we update the User Attributes Name with the Assignment Group member name and User lookup field of Q-assign User Attributes with the User ID of Group Member using the 'Field Reference' option as shown below:

  8. Now, Activate the Process Builder:


We added three Assignment Group Members in an assignment group as shown below:


And we got the following Q-assign User Attributes created for them through the process builder:


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