Run Manager Manually Now


There are times when the Salesforce platform is unable to schedule or run Q-assign Manager job. Therefore, Q-assign stops running altogether i.e. there is no record distribution to anyone, or it runs only very occasionally or we have to keep manually re-starting the Manager jobs. 


To minimise the impact of this situation, we have exposed 'Run Manager Manually Now' button on the Control Panel tab that schedules the scheduler job so there is minimum impact on the customer business and records keep flowing to the Users. 


If "Run Manager Manually Now" is successful, you will see a green message as shown below: 


If you want Q-assign to take over and start assigning again, please click on 'Restart Manager' to kick-off the manager job, as shown below, and refresh the page and you can make sure that the manager job is running fine.

If the Scheduler job was already running and you pressed 'Run Manager Manually Now' button, you will see the following error:

The 'Errors and Warning Messages' section will show a message similar to the one shown here:

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